Question about Hanumaji .

hshah at hshah at
Fri Apr 21 22:09:27 UTC 1995

     Last Friday night I went to this Hanuman Mandir in Long Island for 
     Hanuman Jayanti celebrations. It was fun. But, I was sort of shocked 
     looking at the happenings in this temple. It brought up a lot of 
     questions in my mind. Maybe someone could address them.
     Hanumaji was a Brahamachari. Are women allowed to touch his idol ?
     Are women allowed to do his aarti ?
     I have never seen this happening in India. Are people in India just 
     too orthodox ? or Are people in this temple more liberal ?
     This temple is run by a women, who is a expert astrologer. Throughout 
     her speech she referred to Hanumanji as Baba. Have you ever heard that 
     before ?
     I will greatly appreciate if someone could shed some light on this 


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