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Mon Apr 17 21:39:33 UTC 1995

The SUtAsaMhitA is a text included in (or connected with) the Skanda-
purANa.  The only edition of this text I am aware of was published in Pune in 
1924-25 as the No.25 of the AnandASrama Sanskrit Series, along with
MAdhava's commentary TAtparyadIpikA. By the way, it is a book almost
impossible to handle without seriously damaging it, like all the old 
editions of the AnandASrama.  To read it means to destroy it. My copy
is precisely half-destroyed.

With regards,

Raffaele Torella
> There is a brief reference in the Jiivanmuktiviveka
> to the Suutasamhitaa.  Could anyone enlighten me about
> this text, and give a citation?   Thanks.
> Andrew O. Fort, Religion Dept.     A.FORT at TCU.EDU
> Texas Christian University         Fort Worth TX 76129

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