Computerized dictionaries

Jim Hartzell jh at
Mon Apr 17 14:32:07 UTC 1995

	Has anyone found a good program that interfaces with the PC version
of Wordperfect and is suitable for recording vocabulary/terms in an 
index-able format.  The program would need to be able to handle Sanskrit
diacritics in its indexes.  I looked at the card-file program included
in MS Works, yet it's not designed to handle diacritics, and doesn't seem
to be interface-able with Wordperfect.  I suppose that such a PC-based
lexicographic program would not HAVE to interface with WP.....
	On a related question:  although it's possible to create a 
full set of diacritics for Sanskrit using the Wordperfect macros, these
do not convert to ASCII or DOS texts when you run the conversion--the
diacritic-modified-letters either disappear, or turn into nonsense
characters.  Has anyone solved this already while still using Wordperfect?
	Ideally answers to both these problems would involve simple,
and inexpensive solutions.
Thanks in advance,
Jim Hartzell		jh at

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