PUrva MImA.msA

thrapp at helios.nosc.mil thrapp at helios.nosc.mil
Fri Apr 7 22:16:03 UTC 1995

Dear Indologists,

I am interested in studying the PUrva MImA.msA of
Jaimini.  In starting to read it, it seems to be much
more cryptic than something like PAta~njala Yogadar"sanam.
My impression could also just be because of my beginning
level Sanskrit.

Could you recommend books containing a reliable version
of the original text and the best English translations?
Are there traditional BhA.syam-s that you can recommend?
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have for
studying this dar"sanam and would like to learn of any
etexts available.  Thank you very much.


Gary R. Thrapp
thrapp at nosc.mil

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