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We have finally managed to print the first volume of the Cracow Indological 
Series, which contains selected papers from The International 
Conference on Sanskrit and Related Studies held in Cracow on 23 - 26 
September 1993.
The list of articles included in the volume is as follows:
G.Oberhammer, An opening address.
I.Milewska, Sanskrit Studies in Krakow.
P.Piekarski, In memoriam prof. T.Pobozniak.
G.Bailey, The Fundamental Problems of Contemporary Indology.
P.Balcerowicz, Formal Analysis of Catusokti - A Buddhist Anticipation 
of Multiple-valued Logic?
L.Bansat-Boudon, The Vrttis or the Manners of Visnu.
R.Bercea, On the Composition of the Chandogya-Upanisad, VIII.
Prapathaka, in a Symbolic Perspective.
S.Bhate, Panini: The Economist Par Excelance.
J.Brockington, The Names of Sita.
M.Brockington, The Sword as a Symbol in Indian Literature and Folk 
S.Chakravarty, A Fresh Appraisal of Manu`s Attitude Towards Women.
M.Czerniak-Drozdzowicz, Jatakarman - three aspects.
T.Y.Elizarenkova, The Possessivity in the Rgvwda.
R.S.McGregor, Grierson, Ayodhyasimh Upadhyay and the development of 
modern Hindi.
M.Hulin, Human Free-Will and the Divine Absolute Freedom According to 
the Yoga-Vasistha.
J.Jurewicz, The Rgveda 10.129 - an attempt of interpretation.
K.Kartunen, The names of India.
P.Koskikallio. Epic Descriptions of the Horse Sacrifice.
M.Kudelska, Etymology of the Word "satyam" in the light of the 
Concept of Brahman.
Victoria Lysenko, Atomistic Mode of Thinking as Exemplified in the 
Vaisesika Philosophy of Number.
M.Mejor, On Ksemendra`s Bodhisattvavadanakalpalata.
G.Ruseva-Sokolova, Play - A New Perspective to Medieval Bhakti 
J.Sachse, The Word Brahman in the Bhagavadgita.
P.Sajdek, Mandanamisra`s Conception of Bliss.
R.Sohnen-Thieme, On the Concept and Function of "satya" in Ancient 
Indian Literature.
L.Sudyka, Genres in the Kathasaritsagara.
G.Wijtilla, Some Remarks on the Kasyapiyakrsisukti.
J.C.Wright, Vedic ibha, ibhya and Cl. Skt. ibha.

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