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Books on the priceless teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi and pure
nonduality are often hard to find. You can get a descriptive book
list free, as a service of the Society of Abidance in Truth
(SAT). The list is provided in two parts for electronic mailing.
Part 1 now includes over 75 titles on Ramana (many of them
little-known.) Part 2 includes about 75 other titles on pure
nonduality, including selected Buddhist works.
  New translations from the great Advaita sages Ribhu and Sankara,
recently published by SAT, are included. Inquiries, electronic
and otherwise, concerning availability of titles listed are
welcomed. A query form is provided, as an aid to requesting more

To receive either book list free, electronically, simply reply to
this message and ask for Part 1 or 2. (This is NOT an auto-
mailer.) The exquisite teaching of Ramana is for us all to share.
He said:

"Throw your worries to the wind; turn within and find peace."

Under the guidance of a Self-realized disciple of the Maharshi,
SAT is becoming known as "Ramana Ashram West," a Temple fully
dedicated to Sri Ramana and pure Advaita (nonduality).
Information on publications is one of many services provided;
Indian music and dance concerts are another. You may request
electronic delivery of a booklet describing a range of SAT
Services, entitled "Among the Wise."

Namaste, for SAT Services

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