Skt speaking village

Paliath Narendran dran at
Thu Oct 13 13:25:15 UTC 1994

Sanskrit is still very much alive in Carnatic music. Even now
there are composers who compose kritis in Sanskrit. Two names
that come to mind immediately are M. Balamuralikrishna, the
famous singer, and "Thulaseevanam" Ramachandran Nair. Also the
majestic Sanskrit compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar
(1775-1834) are enjoying a revival these days.

In a recent issue of the Malayalam magazine `Mathrubhoomi' there
is a review of a recent commentary, IN SANSKRIT, of the
messenger-poem `cAtakasandeSa.' The original poem is by mAntiTTa
kunju namboodiri who died 60-70 years ago. (He was primarily a
tArkika.) The new Sanskrit commentary, called `rasikaranjini', is
by Dr. P.C. Muralimadhavan.


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