Sanskrit to be an elective subject in schools

Peter_Scharf at Peter_Scharf at
Thu Oct 13 05:26:25 UTC 1994

Dear Dominik,
        I'm not sure I understand your reference introducing the news that
Sanskrit will be an elective subject in High Schools:

>Like the boy who cried "wolf", I doubt if I will be believed now, but
>here it is anyway:
>The Hindu, Bangalore, October 7th, 1994

        Do you find anything objectionable to Sanskrit being made an
elective subject?  Is there anything objectionable to Latin being
reinstated as an elective subject in many American schools recently after a
period of its absence?  Because Latin has been introduced does that imply
any prejudice against Greek?  Or is a matter of degree immediately

        Peter Scharf
        Lecturer of Sanskrit
        Dept. of Classics
        Brown University
        Providence, RI 02912


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