ITRANS for Indic text processing

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Regarding D. Wujastyk's information:

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	>Avinash, may I forward your message about Sanskrit texts and WWW/Mosaic
	>to the INDOLOGY group?  I'm sure nobody there knows about this.

	Yup, you should also point out that even though they could use ITRANS
	right now, it will be better to wait four months when CS encoding is
	built-in into ITRANS...

	Since they will probably be interested in Sanskrit only, here is a list

I am sure many people would like to know what else is available.
I have seen ITRANS output for Tamil, and have been told about
the Bengali version. It would be nice to maintain databases of
important texts in this format or another, in the spirit of what
has been done in the University of Koeln.

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