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I am currently looking at the Virashaivas in Karnataka and would dearly
like to know of anyone discussing the term "Protestant" in this context
or in any related context. The term is used by Weber, and discussed more
critically by Blake Michael in his book THE ORIGINS OF VIRASHAIVA SECTS.
I am particularly interested in the changes that took place, and evidence
for those changes, in the centuries after Basavanna.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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  One reliable (if not absolutely comprehensive) source of latitude
and longitude information for the South Asian subcontinent is the
Gazetteer series by the United States Board on Geographic Names.
These have the appearance of a listing printed by computer, but I have
not been able to find information on availability of the machine-
readable files.  The publisher in Washington has varied over time,
including:  United States Department of the Interior, Division of
Geography and the United States Defense Mapping Agency, Topographic
Center.  Titles and dates of the most recent editions are:

  India : official standard names approved by the United States Board
     on Geographic Names.  1952.  [Contains separate sections on
     Bhutan, Nepal, French India, Portuguese India, Jammu and Kashmir,
     and India.]
  Gazetteer of Sri Lanka : names approved by the United States Board
     on Geographic Names.  3rd ed.  1993.
  Gazetteer of Pakistan : names approved by the United States Board on
     Geographic Names.  3rd ed.  1983.
  Bangladesh : official standard names.  1976.

> > 1. Names of towns and cities in India with their longitudes and
> >    latitudes.
> I too would be very interested in discovering such a database, of the
> same type as the Geographic Names Server at University of Michigan
> (which unfortunately only covers North America). Please let me know if
> you find anything of this sort.
> David Magier

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