Help on using Binhex4.0

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Mon Nov 28 06:09:15 UTC 1994

Dr. Deshpande wrote,

>        I downloaded the first of the Mahabharata files from Washington 
>FTP site.  Then I tried unbinhexing it.  The second step did not work.  
>Could some Binhex Guru tell me how to use the Binhex4.0 program?  Its 
>menus are not terribly obvious to common humans like me.  Thanks.
>        Madhav Deshpande

Though someone may have already answered to this question personaly and 
I am not a Binhex Guru, I recommend to (drag &) drop the ftp-ed files 
(files ending with ".Z") on StuffIt Expnader with Enhancer installed.  
It worked fine on my part.

The files are UNIX 'compress'ed and StuffIt Expander with Enhancer 
'uncompress'es those files.  Please make sure to ftp those files as 

Or, in case Dr. Deshpande had to first ftp to Washinto from local UNIX 
host and download the files to Mac using BinHex, the procedure is the 
same.  Please just drop the files on StuffIt Expander (with Enhancer 
installed).  That first dehqx-es the files which means there will be 
files ending with ".Z".  I am not sure StuffIt Expander automatically 
'uncompress'es those files in which case files ending with ".Z" should 
be dropped again.

Hope this helps.

# By the way, I would sincerely like to exparess my gratitude to the 
# Dr. Tokunaga's achievement.

-- Kengo Harimoto
(Graduate Student)


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