Indological PhDs and few Old Tamil Ref's

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    Indological PhDs and Some References on Old Tamil

This is a reply to Jan Dvorak's query. This not a very
exhaustive list. 

V. S. Rajam, A reference grammar of classical Tamil poetry,
American Philosophical Society, 1992. 1081 p.

Thomas Malten, Word index of old Tamil cankam literature,
Stuttgart, 425 p.


Doctoral Dissertations on Asia, (A Serial from 1975). 
Association of Asian Studies, Univ. of Michigan

Annie M. Thomas, Dissertations on Tamilology,
International Institute of Tamil Studies, Madras, 1977, 289 p.

Ramasamy Periakaruppan (Tamilannal)
tamiliyal Ayvu, 1983 Maturai Kamaraj University

tamiliyal Ayvu, Second edition, 1988, Maturai Kamaraj University

B. Rajannan, South Indian Studies: Abstracts of American doctoral
dissertations relating to South India. Salem, 1981, 439 p.

Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi
Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations; social sciences and
I have seen two volumes (1970-1975 and 1957-1970)

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