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AGRICULTURE OF THE PUNJAB               Saturday, April 1, 1995

A conference to be convened by          ORGANIZED BY:
The Southern Asian Institute,           Prof. Gurinder Singh Mann
Columbia University, NY                 Dept. of Religion, Columbia Univ.
                                        phone: 212-854-5689

Tentative Program:

9:30- 1:00   MORNING SESSION

9:30-10:10   Harbans Singh, Montclair State University, "From the
               Vedic Sapta-Sindhu to the Punjab of Maharaja Ranjit
               Singh: An overview of the agricultural development in
               the region."

10:10-10:50  David Gilmartin, University of North Carolina, Raleigh,
               "The modernization of Punjabi agriculture under the
               British and its socio-political implications for the

10:50-11:30  Ian Talbot, Coverntry University, UK, "A survey of
               agricultural development in Western Punjab after 1947."

11:40-12:20  Nirvikar Singh, University of California, Santa Cruz,
               "The seams of the bread basket break: facts about the
               Green Revolution in Eastern Punjab."

12:20-1:00   Gurharpal Singh, De Montfort University, UK, "Agricultural
               development in Eastern Punjab and the political storm of
               the past decade."


2:00-2:40    Shinder Thandi, Coventry University, UK, "Remittance from
               overseas and the agricultural development in Eastern

2:40-3:20    [to be announced], "The Punjab Zimidara Union: A non-
               political effort to sustain agricultural development in
               Eastern Punjab."

             [to be announced], "From Layalpur to Ludhiana: the 
               contribution of education to agriculture."

3:20-4:00    [to be announced], "Recent emergence of agro-industry
               and its impact on Punjabi agriculture."

             George Blyn, Rutgers University, "From wheat to rice:
               changing food habits in the Punjab." [tentative title]

4:10-4:50    Holly Sims, State University of New York, Albany, "Until
               it's gone... the vanishing frontiers in the Punjab's
               agricultural development."

4:50-5:30    S. S. Johal, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana,
               "Agriculture in the Punjab: future directions."

Professor Gurinder Singh Mann
Department of Religion
Columbia University
phone: 212-854-5689


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