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J.B. Sharma JSHARMA at Hermes.GC.PeachNet.EDU
Fri Nov 11 12:13:52 UTC 1994

Andrew Fort wrote :

  Could anyone recommend some thoughtful scholarship about the VHP/BJP 
and affiliated organizations?  How do they interpret Indian history 
and/or the nature of "Hinduism?"    

 To get the Hindu perspective of Indian History of the past thousand 
years, and the connection with contemporary India I would highly 
recommend the following;

"Hindu Temples what happened to them" Vol 1 & 2
by Sita Ram Goel et al, Voice of India Publications, New Delhi

"Negationism in India" by Koenraad Elst also by VOI Publ.

 I have been introduced to these works by a posting on this list 
years ago. Besides Shri Goel's speculation on pre-Islamic Arabia, I 
believe that his work is meticulously researched and referenced. I 
have obtained several of the original sources quoted in this book 
(mostly works of Moslem scribes of medevial India) which pretty much 
bear out the summaries of events of not a pleasant nature. I do 
believe Elst's analysis is very cogent as well and that these works 
point to the fundamental reasons for political malaise on the sub-
continent. Elst' work has been inspired by the aforementioned work of 
Shri Goel. 
 In spite of the destruction of thousands of temples in India over 
the centuries, I am not supportive of the intent of restoration 
of some of these destroyed temples; they should be preserved as is, as 
a reminder of socio-cultural weaknesses which led to the debacle, and 
the dire need for reform in Hindu society. There does remain the 
danger of exploitation of the suppressed rage and grief of centuries 
by politicians.
 The militant ascetics mentioned in a couple of recent posts is most 
likely the Shaivite Nagas (correct me if I am wrong). I do recall 
reading that a Naga ascetic dynasty ruled India for some time after 
overthrowing the Buddhist Kushanas in North India (approx 2-400 AD or 
so). Perhaps someone can shed further light on this.

All the best,
J.B. Sharma 


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