a mistype leads astray?

Thu Nov 10 00:04:36 UTC 1994

        It is with considerable chagrin that I realized, reading Lance
Cousins's kind suggestions, that I have misled through a slip of the
finger.  The finite verb in the sentence in question is not, as I mistyped
(1 register too highon the keyboard) bhaatayi.syati, but ghaatayi.syati.

        I think Lance is right in his suggestion that we understand  "[His
mother] kept him away out of affection for her son... "  But what of the

        I too think that the discussion of Edgerton BHSG on maa is relevant
here, which is why I understood with "I hope..."  What I (still) do not
understand is how we can read as one sentence the expression maa tatra
paaradaariko ti k.rtvaa ghaatayi.syati, especially if it is to be conjoined
with the preceding.  According to my understanding of Skt. grammar, the
agent of the gerund must be the same as that of the finite verb (with very
few exceptions).  Is there an abrupt swich in subject between one sentence
and the next?  Namely:  His mother kept him away ....  [The husband of the
love object] will kill him, thinking "There must not be an adulterer here!"
(tatra for atra?)

        Any more suggestions, Lance?

Jonathan Silk


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