Carlos Lopez clopez at husc.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 5 20:11:34 UTC 1994

On Sat, 5 Nov 1994 yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp wrote:

> Now I think I was clever when I decided to keep my old e-mail address
> exclusively for the <indlogy> discussion group and the new one for 
> ordinary e-mails. If I had only one address I should have missed some
> important personal messages amid the floof of those political 
> propagandas.
> I wish someone like Dominik open another discussion group for
> 'Sanskrit studies'.
> Michio YANO
> Professor of Sanskrit,
> Kyoto Sangyo University
> yanom at cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp
> yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp (for indology only)
I must agree with Prof. Yano.  As a graduate student in the field, I find 
these political propagandas useless.  Since i have been on this list, i 
have found scholarly discussions useful.  Everytime one of these 
non-schalarly items enters the list, it generates this very same 
discussion.  I believe, that those who monitor the list should try to 
keep useless materials out.  This list should focus on what it was meant 
for : a forum for discussion of scholarly material of the study of 
ancient India.


Carlos Lopez
Harvard University
Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies

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