VHP and United Way (fwd)

rum at hotlan.att.com rum at hotlan.att.com
Fri Nov 4 19:41:00 UTC 1994

I add my mite in keeping this forum clean and academic, and have watched the
contrast in the responses to Mr. Karanth's posting, (of which I'm not
necessarily in agreement), and lack thereof to Mr. Nelson's.

I really enjoy the academic and intellectual discussion on this group but
am disappointed at the repeated attempts to politicise it.

I suggest that Mr. Nelson move his feelings and opinions on Indian
organizations to the unrestrained, ever entertaining, shocking, never
boring soc.culture.indian newsgroup.

I represent no one except myself in this posting.

M. V. Ramana
HO 2B-434A
munagala.ramana at att.com


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