"Self-Alienated Hindus"

David Magier magier at intac.com
Thu Nov 3 18:01:16 UTC 1994

> There is a new breed of increasingly *Westernized* Hindus 
> ...this breed of self-alienated Hindus ...But the truth is that Hindu
> society is neither dead nor yet extinct; though many on this forum
> seemingly would like it to be so...Westernized self-alienated Hindus..
> And it is the educated, soft-spoken, Westernized Hindu who
> has generally shown the greatest degree of vehemence against his own Hindu
> society ...

I know I'll probably regret this later, but I can't help noticing a 
similarity here to another 'ethnic phenomenon': when moderate Jews spoke out 
against the oppression of Palestinians by Israel, Zionist extremists 
dismissed them as 'self-hating Jews' and even as 'anti-semitic Jews'. 
Some even claimed that their political stance against the Israeli 
treatment of Palestinians meant that they 'weren't really Jews at all'. 
As if such educated, soft-spoken analysis of the wrongness of ethnic 
intolerance were fundamentally incompatible with their own membership in 
their ethnic group!

David Magier
Columbia University

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