VHP and United Way (fwd)

cheaw260 at unix.cc.emory.edu cheaw260 at unix.cc.emory.edu
Wed Nov 2 07:37:25 UTC 1994

Dear subscribers, 
I have been subscribing to the indology net for more than a year
and I have had the pleasure of being a part of many an
intellectually stimulating discussion (albeit in a passive mode).
	 I must say that I am quite disturbed by this recent post by
Mr. Lance Nelson.  Of what academic importance is the fact that 
United Way has established a donor choice code for VHP of America?
Is this network a lobbying group?  More disturbing is the fact that
the esteemed 'policemen' in this net who are the first to attack
Mr. Dileep Karanth's postings for their lack of relevance and for
imputing ulterior motives to his postings have sought to remain
silent spectators to Mr. Nelson's irrelevant and irresponsible
posting.  These are the gentlemen who wish
to restrict the use of this network for solely academic
discussions.  By not speaking up or rather, by not subjecting the
post by Mr. Nelson to the same vitriolic ridicule that Mr.
Karanth's post have been a target, it will lend some credence to
the belief that there are some 'academicians' on this network who
may still have a bit of Lord Macaulay in their blood and
unknowingly allow this to spill into their rather 'academic' and
'unbiased' study of India. 
   I do have some objections on the content of Mr. Nelson's
post.  However, I refrain from posting those on the grounds that
this is not the right forum for these discussions.  My
sensibilities have been hurt by Mr. Nelson's lack of concern for
the subscribers of this network and I hope he has the decency to
apologise.  If he is one of the 'scholars on VHP' and has the
capacity to participate in an open-minded discussion, an abilty to
imbibe knowledge that may probably go against his conclusions,
and also has 
the ability to formulate/reformulate his opinion on the subject based on        this knowledge I will be glad to have a      
discussion with him or any other 'scholar'.  On the other hand if
these self-appointed 'scholars' feel that they know everthing that
there is to know about VHP of America, then I do not wish to waste
my time any further.
My e-mail address is cheaw260 at unix.cc.emory.edu.

Vinod Nair

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