Conference on Religion in South India

Paul B. Courtright relpbc at
Tue Nov 1 17:26:06 UTC 1994

	The Conference on Religion in South India (CRSI) is a small, informal, 
independent group of scholars who have interests in religious traditions 
in South India and their influences eleswhere in the subcontinent and 
beyond.  Each year, usually the second weekend in June, a workshop is 
held somewhere in the United States, in order to present papers and have 
sufficient time for leisurely discussion on a common theme.  Normally 
about 30 people attend the workshops, scholars in fields such as 
literature, history, religious studies, art history, anthropology, and 
South Asian studies.
	This year the CRSI will meet at the University of Indiana, June 
9-12, on the theme of religion and the body in South India.  The cost for 
the weekend workshop will be approximately $225 for room, board, and 
facilities, transportation is not included.  
	I am attempting to establish a CRSI list-serv to enhance 
communication among persons with interest in the CRSI and its 
conversations.  If you would be interested in participating in such a 
list, please send me your email address.  Further information on the 
workshop will be sent to your shortly.  Thank you. 

Paul Courtright
relpbc at

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