Anyone have Bhagavad Gita on disk?

Ajit Ranade AKR at
Fri Mar 25 14:12:50 UTC 1994

Hello All:

About the potential availability of Mahabharata in CSX form etc, I would
be very happy to have access to it by ftp. I hope the hurdles are few
(in terms of copyright, appropriate compensation etc).

Meantime, is the Bhagavad Gita available? It is but a tiny part of the
Mahabharata (in a manner of speaking), and surely someone has it in
ascii or csx-encoded form. I am particularly interested in the Velthuis
\dn form, i.e. I want to play around with the TeX file. I would like
to use the two-column format (of Arseneau? Poppelier?) where the left
column in the devanagari text and the right column is the roman
transliteration or translation, whichever you like (or maybe all three
columns), with corresponding paragraphs, couplets being balanced.
Please let me know if you have any information about this.

Ajit Ranade,
Providence, RI

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