Witzel request for addresses

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Fri Mar 18 17:20:28 UTC 1994

In response to Prof. Witzel s request for addresses of certain Indian

I recently learned with great regret that Prof. R.C. Dvivedi (Univ. of
Rajasthan) died while trying to board a train that was in the process of
leaving the platform. 

I met Vrajavallabha Dwiveda at Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi,
in 1977. In Prof. Witzel s specification "Amritavagbhava Dviveda
Vrajavallabha," could "Amritavagbhava" be a title/honorific?

If K.C. Pande is the same as Kanti Candra Pandey/Pandeya who was associated
with Lucknow and wrote on Indian aesthetics, then it is possible that he is
unfortunately no more.  I would, of course, love to be wrong on this count.
 An inquiry with the Department of Sanskrit or the Abhinava-gupta
Institute, University of Lucknow, may help. 

The Abhinava-gupta Institute should be able to help also with the address
of Jayadev Singh. 

What I have guessed about K.C. Pandey/Pandeya on the basis of his age,
probably applies also to J.N. Sinha, Calcutta, if he is identical with Jadu
Nath Sinha who published books on Indian philosophy. 

Debabrata SenSharma s institutional affiliation should be there somewhere
is his most  recent publication known to me: The Philosophy of Saadhanaa
... Albany: SUNY Press, 1990.

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