Devanagari Fonts?

jwg2 at jwg2 at
Thu Mar 17 02:58:33 UTC 1994

>I'm looking for a good devanaagarii font for the Macintosh and laser printer
>(PostScript or TrueType), having just upgraded from a dot matrix printer.  Is
>there any good free/shareware out there?  Does anyone have any feedback on
>LaserHindi Sanskrit from Linguist's Software?  I'm new to the list.
>bahut dhanyavaad / anugr.hiito'smi tavopakaaren.a
>Tom Greer
Try Ecological Linguistics, PO Box 15156, Washington D.C. 20003. (202) 546
5862. They have a quite full collection of Indic fonts, including Trutype.
although the  fonts  are not shareware, they do have a number of useful
features, such as ability to mix fonts.
        J.W. Gair, South Aia and Linguistics, Cornell


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