Query re: World War II List

Frank Conlon conlon at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 9 18:00:49 UTC 1994

A query regarding discussion of World War II appeared here recently.  I 
just noticed a WWII-L in existence.  Its current list owner may be 
contacted at JEWELL at MACE.CC.PURDUE.EDU  although I gather some revision 
of arrangements may be underway.  At any rate, a posting to that address 
should get you the proper details for subscribing to the list.

Frank Conlon


> From KHARE at csvaxd.csuohio.edu 9 94 Mar EST 13:37:00
Date: 9 Mar 94 13:37:00 EST
From: Jitendra Khare <KHARE at csvaxd.csuohio.edu>
Subject: RE: Query re: World War II List

Dear Mr. Conlon,
Thank you so much for your information.
I had been looking for this newsgroup for quite a while now!
Jitendra Khare


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