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In addition to the numerous lists which have been recently posted on
the Indology list by Jim Cocks and Dwight Holmes, I would like to
inform all scholars of South Asian subjects, in particular those who
are stationed in Canada of another.

The South Asian list has been set up in conjunction with SAC-CASA, the
South Asian wing of the Canadian Asian Studies Association.  The list
is aimed at providing information of scholarly events in Canada related to the
area, as well as exchanges of information amongst both students as
well as more advanced scholars.

One may subscribe by writing SUBSCRIBE SOUTH-ASIA YOUR-NAME in the
body of a message addressed to: liserve at

Jan Brzezinski


> From THRASHER at MAIL.LOC.GOV 07 1994 Mar GMT 17:33:17
Date: 07 Mar 1994 17:33:17 GMT

          A  patron asking for information on Indian Jewry wanted the  name 
          and address of  an Indian Jewish woman working on Sanskrit at the 
          Maharajah Sayajirao University of Baroda, one  with  a  name  one 
          would take to be Jewish.  A computer search based on  a hunch led 
          me  to Esther Solomon, though from  the places  of publication of 
          her works I wonder if she lives in Ahmedabad rather than Baroda.  
          I  seem however  to remember another Indian Jewish female scholar 
          works  or worked  on Jainism and Prakrit.  (The  works  of  Prof. 
          Solomon  in   the  Library  of  Congress  focus  more   on  Hindu 
          philosophy.)  Does this  ring  a  bell  with anyone?  Does anyone 
          have  an  address  for  Dr.  Solomon  or  the  hypothetical other 
          scholar?  We  are not entirely sure that either of them is Indian 
          by  birth rather  than  by  long residence or naturalization. The 
          Baroda scholar was supposed to  have  retired  in  the  last  few 
          Thanks for your assistance. 
          Allen W. Thrasher 
          Senior Reference Librarian 
          Library of Congress 
          Washington, DC 20540-4744 
          tel. (202) 707-5600 
          fax  (202) 707-1724 
          Internet: thrasher at 
          Any opinions expressed are mine and  not those of  the Library of 
          Congress or its management.                                       

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