South Asia Gopher

David Magier magier at
Tue Mar 1 22:19:52 UTC 1994

I am sorry for the confusion caused by my earlier message. Here are the revised
instructions for connecting to The South Asia Gopher:

a) If you have a gopher client software, use the following pointer:

Name=The South Asia Gopher

b) If you do not use gopher client software, please
telnet to:

Once connected to Columbianet, please select the menu item marked "CLIO Plus".
Within that menu, you will find the last item on the list, which is "Scholarly
Electronic Resources by Subject". Select that one, and within it, you will find
The South Asia Gopher.

As before, please let me know of problems (technical or conceptual), and
reactions to the content. Remember, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Thank you.

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