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David Magier magier at
Tue Mar 1 05:05:45 UTC 1994

As promised, Columbia University's South Asia Gopher (SAG) is now up
and running and publicly accessible. As you will see when you use it,
it is still under development, with quite a few slots being held open
for resources that either haven't been fully implemented yet, or which
are still being created. In some cases (e.g. the online catalog of the
Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine), the resource is
linked into the SAG, but the internet connection to the the service
provider is not working properly yet. In other cases (e.g. many of the
'About the South Asia Collection' description files for the various
bibliographic resources) the files have not been written yet. As I
have mentioned before, I would be most grateful for any feedback from
you if you use this service. In particular, I would welcome pointers
to information I may have overlooked, things I have improperly cited,
or suggestions for improving the 'user interface' (i.e. the
arrangement of the menus). Also, I am very eager to expand the
coverage of the Directory of South Asia Scholars (under the South
Asianists menu), and so I would appreciate it if you would submit an
entry for yourself, and pass this message along to other South
Asianists so that they may use the service and submit entries for
themselves. (See the Read_Me file under the Directory's menu for
instructions on submitting an entry).

To use The South Asia Gopher (SAG):

a) If you have a gopher client, use this pointer:

Name=The South Asia Gopher

b) If you don't have a gopher client, just TELNET to:

You will find the SAG under the menu item labelled "Scholarly
Electronic Resources By Subject"

c) If you have trouble understanding or using these instructions,
please contact me. Thank you.

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