Help deciphering a Burmese (?) ms.

Robert A. Hueckstedt hueckst at CC.UManitoba.CA
Tue Jun 28 17:27:19 UTC 1994

I have received a query from one Mr. Peel who was in the US Army in Burma
during WWII.  He has a scroll that he has reverently kept since his army
days, and understandably, he would like to know what it says.  I asked him
to send me a photocopy of the first page.  It is in a script I cannot
read.  Is someone willing to take a crack at it?   If so, I will send a
copy of the copy he sent me.  Here is Mr. Peel's description of his scroll:

"This scroll is written on folded rice paper, the pages are 11" X 20", a
total of 14 folded rice papers or a total of 28 pages of writing.  The
start of the scroll, or first page has been torn and lost.  It would
appear this page could have been the introduction to the writings.  The
scroll is rolled in a dyed blue cloth with a braided string to hold it
when rolled up."


Bob Hueckstedt


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