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> Subject: mahabharatam
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> Dear Dr. Van Nooten,
> I have heard that you send transliterated texts of the Mahabharata to
> anybody who asks you.
> Please, inform me which parts of the Mahabharata you have ant send to me.
> My E-mail address:
> Svetislav.Kostic at

Dear Dr Kostic,

The sabhaparvan of the Mbh, which Prof van Nooten has made publicly
available, can be retrieved by you directly from the Indology archives.  If
you have access to the ftp program, use ftp to connect to the site and look in the directory /pub/users/ucgadkw/indology.  You
will find the sabhaparvan there.

It is also available from the INDOLOGY listserv program by email.  To find
out about this, send the message "help" to the address
"listserv at" and you will be sent information about how to
find the file you want, and then how to instruct listserv to email it to

Finally, the INDOLOGY service and associated files are also available by
gopher, if you have access to this menuing program.  Connect to
gopher at using your gopher program.  The Gopher service is
perhaps the very easiest way to access the INDOLOGY files and back issues.
There is a keyword search facility too, so you can find information of
interest to you from all or any of the discussions that have ever taken
place on INDOLOGY.

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