Tibetan LaTeX

ucgadkw ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 28 15:18:03 UTC 1994

I have added the file latex-tibetan.zip to the INDOLOGY archive at 

This archive contains the files needed to typeset Tibetan documents
using LaTeX.  The fonts are 300dpi bitmaps (TeX PK files) only at present.

I am told by Tibetan scholars that this system is suitable for simple
work, but that there is considerable room for improvement.

I append the README file.



This archive contains a test release of LaTeX Tibetan. It is free
software.  Some bugs probably remain. LaTeX Tibetan is free software.
See the file COPYING for copying conditions.


This package was obtained from Ronald Schwartz at the Memorial University of
Newfoundland.  It provides a LaTeX front-end for writing modern Tibetan.

Directions are in the file called instruct (in the doc/instruct.ps file).


Notes added in June 1994 by Dominik Wujastyk (d.wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk):

Development of this package seems to have halted, at least for the
present.  For information about the package, the contact person is
Robert Knight <KNIGHT at PUCC.EARN>.  Neither Robert nor I can any longer
contact Ron Schwartz or Jeff Sparkes.

Robert noted recently that:

   I believe that Ron's intention was that anyone who wanted it could
   have it with the proviso that they not try to make money from his
   work.  He had the help of a programmer who was not compensated.  The
   GNU font utilites could probably be applied to the font and a decent
   METAFONT made from it.  If the package is put out, that might happen
   faster than it is with me.
   Please put some sort of disclaimer that will protect Jeff Sparkes'
   (the programmer's) investment in time.
I (Dominik) have added a Makefile modified to work with Mattes's emx/gcc
sytem under OS/2, and I have added a file bin/tfilt.exe which an
executable for OS/2 or DOS.  It is bound with emx.exe, and under DOS it
requires an 80386 processor or better and DOS version 3.0 or higher.  I
have also added the GNU public license to protect the rights of future
users of this package and any derivatives.


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