Developments or work in Indian Languages(Hindi) area

Fri Jun 17 22:16:34 UTC 1994

Hi Ramesh,
  I am not at present doing much work in languages though I am interested
in the south indian languages and their relationship with harappan and
mohenjo daran cultures.  I am curious as to what I might find in this
discussion group.  My only exposure to this area was a scientific
american article from many years ago which showed how the ancient
harappan and mohenjo-daran scripts could be interpreted with modern
tamil words.  I am also interested in the history of the west coast of
india - since I am from kerala.  I have some pretty old papers - like
1900 that discuss the movement of christianity into india - which is
again a topic i am interested in.  I cannot claim any degree of expertise
or even much of knowledge - just interest.  I work in accounting and
information systems - I teach and do research in artificial intelligence
applications in accounting - logic, graph theory, lisp and accounting -
a strange mishmash I know.

Thomas Verghese                          Tele: 202-994-0909
Dept. of Accountancy
The George Washington University
Washington D.C. 20052

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