Vineet Jain's programs to analyse Sanskrit texts.

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Mon Jun 6 15:05:29 UTC 1994

>      I would like to hear more about Vineet Jain's computer programs to
> do syntactic and semantic analysis.  What sort of input do these programs use
> and what sort of output do they provide?  Vineet, can you provide some more
> details? 

The program takes in input as a sentence/word. The words are syntactically
analyzed and for each word, it generated all the possible forms based on the
syntax. Assocaited with each word, a predefinad list of grammatical attributes,
based on the type, is outputted. This can be displayed or passed on to the
semantic analysis phase. The semantic analysis phase based on the
akansha and yogita, tries to find out which of the possible forms of each word
goes with forms of other words. This could lead to multiple or single
possible form. This information is then displayed in the Sabdabodha format
of Vyakarna, Nyaya and Mimamsa.
	This output can be further taken up to do discourse analysis, as was
the case with toy program of Vedic analysis.

>      Thanks.
>                                                Madhav Deshpande


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