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Fri Jun 3 00:39:46 UTC 1994

>           Re:  Construction of the Sricakra 
>           Library of Congress has a pamphlet, not yet cataloged, apparently 
>           concerning the coordination of the triangles in the Sricakra with 
>           the bijas in the mantra.  If it deals also with how the yantra is 
>           erected geometrically it has no diagrams.  The work is: 
>           Caturvedi, Candrasekhara. 
>           Tantrika varga se nirnaya ki manga : Sri Vidya mantra ka visuddha 
>           svarupa 
>           Mathura : Rajesvari Presa, 4 p. 
>           In Hindi. 
>           If anyone is interested I would be glad to send a free photocopy, 
>           since it is so short. 
>           Allen W. Thrasher 
>           Senior Reference Librarian 
>           Library of Congress 
>           Washington, DC 20540-4744 
>           tel. (202) 707-5600 
>           fax  (202) 707-1724 
>           Internet: thrasher at 
>           Any opinions expressed are mine and  not those of  the Library of 
>           Congress or its management.                                       
Dear Dr. Thrasher,

I would be very interested and appreciative to receive
this pamphelt on the sricakra.
It's right up my alley.


Douglas R. Brooks
Associate Professor
Department of Religion and Classics
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

p.s. You likely don't  remember me but we met years ago
at UWashington.  I have long admired your work on Mandana Misra.
Thanks for your efforts here.  I am also checking this
reference to Nani Ammal...but it rings no immmdedate bells.
(I muck about in Tamil as well...)


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