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Christian K. Wedemeyer ckw1 at columbia.edu
Tue Jul 19 18:02:39 UTC 1994

On Tue, 19 Jul 1994, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> Could anybody advise me about material for the study of Hindi. I am looking
> for manuals and readers (with glossaries and commentaries). What is best
> for self-study? I would also be grateful for information about similar
> material for Urdu and Marathi.
> Best regards, 
> Lars Martin Fosse

Dear Lars and other folk interested in learning Asian languages,

	A useful source of information on eduacational materials in print for 
various South Asian languages is the Inventory of Language Materials (or 
ILM) which is newly available online from the Southern Asian Institute of 
Columbia University.  Many languages are available: Hindi, Urdu, 
Nepali--I myself am "guest editor" for Tibetan--and others.  The folk in 
charge are Fran Pritchett (who does ILM) and David Magier who takes care 
of the online aspect.  This latter is called "South Asia Gopher" and has a lot 
of useful info for South Asianists, including a directory of scholars of 
South Asia which includes searchable "keyword" interests.  There are also 
catalogues of resources available online and lots of other goodies.  
Those interested may access this info using "gopher" software or by 
direct telnet connection to the host at Columbia 
(columbianet.columbia.edu--it is found under "CLIO Plus" heading).
	Other questions may be addressed to David Magier, South Asia 
Librarian, whose E-address is: magier at columbia.edu.  At the very least, 
those interested in being part of the larger, E-community of South Asia 
scholars should submit their info: name, title, institution, address, 
phone, and a description of their work, to him for inclusion in the 
directory of South Asia scholars.  

				Best Wishes,

					Christian K. Wedemeyer


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