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Mon Jul 4 16:12:01 UTC 1994

Could someone on the list who has access to either of the following 
works let me know the name of the publisher?

Rheede to Draakestein, Hendrik Adriaan van. 
Hortus Indicus Malabaricus (Amsterdam, 1678-1703)
I used the copy in the India Office Library in London.

the original edition of 
Indian Decisions (Old Series), vol.1: Supreme Court Reports, Bengal
ed. by T. A. Venkasawmy Row (Madras, 1911)
(there is a later reprint published by the Law Printing House, Madras)
I used the copy in the Indian National Library in Calcutta.

I would appreciate your help. 

Rosane Rocher
rrocher at


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