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David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Wed Feb 16 19:13:06 UTC 1994

Here is the 'About' file for the Directory of South Asia Scholars.
David Magier


The Directory of South Asia Scholars is maintained by David Magier
(South Asia Librarian at Columbia University). It contains records of
individuals who have identified themselves as being involved in South
Asian studies. Each record, submitted by the person listed, contains
the name, title, affiliation, contact information (generally mail
address, phones, FAX, and full email address), and a short statement
of the person's activities, teaching and/or research interests,
specializations, etc. in the area of South Asian Studies. The
submissions are completely UNEDITED, and are posted to this directory
exactly as they are received (except for the addition of the date of
last update to that record). Therefore, David Magier and Columbia
University cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the listings or
any component of their content. Readers are encouraged to directly
contact the persons listed here if they have any questions or desire
any further information or clarification.

The Directory is indexed using the WAIS software. This allows you to
conduct a search of the Directory using any keywords (e.g. 'Smith' or
'Urdu' or 'Nepal', etc.). Keep in mind, however, that the keyword
searches will only work with the text as supplied by the people listed
themselves. Therefore, we encourage people to keep this keyword
indexing function in mind when they compose their entries. Entries
should contain all the fields of information listed above (in any
convenient format), as well as a good description of the work and
interests of the individual. These descriptions should contain as much
information as possible to allow people to identify you and your work,
and to 'find' you through typical keyword searches (languages,
countries or regions, fields and sub-disciplines, etc.). Feel free to
consult Dr. Magier by email (magier at columbia.edu) on the composition
of your entry. At this time, we are able to accept only entries
submitted by email, and each entry must be submitted as a separate
email message. However, if you have the full information for a South
Asianist who is NOT ON THE NETWORK and cannot submit his or her own
entry, please do help us by submitting the entry by email in his or
her behalf (of course with his or her approval).

ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE SENT TO: magier at columbia.edu 

Judging from the number of queries received through listservs and many
different channels, of the form "How do I contact Prof. So-and-So?" or
"Who are the leading scholars of the Tamil Veda?", we expect the
Directory to be of great use to the whole community of South
Asianists. We welcome any comments or suggestions for changes or
improvements to this service. Please direct all communications,
INCLUDING the email submission of entries, to Dr.  Magier
(magier at columbia.edu). Thank you.



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