Dwight Holmes dholmes at garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Sat Feb 5 14:51:39 UTC 1994

>  Question: experience and impressions of users of UniVerse Software
>  --------- for Oriental languages
>  May we ask experienced users of UniVerse /Gamma Productions/ working
>  with its Hindi/Sanskrit modules for a short review of this programme
>  or just a recommendation/warning to its potential buyers?
>  						Thanks.
>  --
>       Lubomir Ondracka
>       Institute of Indology
>       Charles University
>       Prague, Czech Republic
>       e-mail:ondracka at tiger.vscht.cz

In brief, I think it's fundamentally a sound program--and looks/prints
beautifully.  The character set is not yet complete/perfected.  I have
sent a list of 10-12 redundancies & omissions to them and have been told
they are working on them.  Most of the omissions are with combined
letters--also the o-like/degree-symbol-like 'o' which is used for
abbreviations and the normal English period/full stop (which is
needed, after all, as a decimal point).  Oh yes, and the keyboard stickers
include some of the omitted letters which aren't yet in the character set!

I'm confident it's going to be a fine program once it's polished up.  

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