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Mon Aug 8 18:24:07 UTC 1994

As many of you know, work has been underway for some time on the new
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosopy. This encyclopedia, due for
publication in 1999, will have considerably more on Indian
philosophy than the Encyclopedia of Philosophy edited by Paul
Edwards and published by Macmillan in 1967. It will also contain
substantially more on the philosophies of East Asia and on Islamic
and Jewish philosophers.

Most of the articles for the Indian and Tibetan philosophy section
have been contracted, but no authors have yet been found for several
important entries, which are listed below. In order to keep
production on schedule, any entries for which no contracts are
issued within the next month or six weeks will have to be dropped.
In order to avoid the regrettable loss of entries, I am asking all
of you to help me quickly find people who might be interested in
writing on any of the subjects listed below.

Obviously, the more information you can provide on how to contact
potential authors by telephone or e-mail, the better my chances of
contacting them in time to meet the deadline.

Please note that the intended readership of the REP is to be
philosophers and students of philosophy, so the ideal author will be
someone capable of writing with authority on Indian philosophy for
people who are not specialists in Indology (or indeed in Indian
philosophy) but who do have a general familiarity with philosophical
issues. A list of people who have already been contracted to write
articles follows the list of articles for which we still seek

Please do not hesitate to suggest yourself, if you have a special
interest and expertise in one of the listed topics. Alternatively,
you may wish to suggest a particularly promising graduate student
whose work you know and recommend. The final deadline for the
completed entries is July 15, 1995. Routledge is paying 40 pounds
sterling per 1000 words.

Please contact me directly rather than replying to this list. My
address is at the end of this message.

                    Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
                 Indian and Tibetan philosophy section

[The index numbers before each entry are those that will be used in
legal contracts between Routledge and authors; since wording of
titles may change slightly, please refer to all subjects by this
index number.]

A. Overviews                                                      words
F002   Hindu Philosophy, Issues in                                5750

B. Schools
F006   Madhyamika Buddhism in India and Tibet                     3250

C. Individual thinkers
F013   Abhinavagupta                                              2000
F019   Gadadhara                                                  1000
F023   Kautilya                                                   1000
F026   Madhava                                                    1500
F029   Nagarjuna                                                  2000
F032   Sakya Pandita (Sa skya pandita)                            1000
F038   Vallabhacarya                                              1000

D. Epistemology, Logic and Language
F046   Interpretation, Indian theories of                         3000
F050   Nominalism, Buddhist doctrine of                           3000
F052   Meaning, Indian theories of                                3000

E. Metaphysics
F055   Causation, Theories of in Indian thought                   5000
F056   Cosmology and cosmogeny, Indian theories of                3000
F059   Heaven, Indian conception of                               3000
F060   Matter, Indian conceptions of                              3000
F063   Ontological categories in Indian philosophy                7500

F. Anthropology, Ethics and Human Conduct
F068   Fatalism, Indian                                           2500

G. Modern Indian Philosophy
F074   Ambedkar, B. R                                             1000
F075   Arya-samaj                                                 1500
F077   Brahmo-samaj                                               1500
F078   Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand                                1000
F079   Radhakrishna, Sarvepalli                                   1500
F080   Ramakrishna movement                                       1500
F081   Tagore, Robindranath                                       1000
F083   Political thought in India                                 2500

                    Contributors signed to contracts

Prof. Sibajiban Bhattacharyya, Prof. Johannes Bronkhorst, Dr. Jan
Brzezinski, Prof. Collett Cox, Dr. Lance Cousins, Prof. Andrew O.
Fort, Prof. Eli Franco, Prof. Brendan S. Gillon, Prof. Wilhelm
Halbfass, Prof. Richard P. Hayes, Prof. Joy Laine, Prof. Dan
Lusthaus, Dr. Merek Mejor, Prof. Klaus Oetke, Prof. Stephen
Phillips, Prof. Karin Preisendanz, Dr. Alexander von Rospatt, Dr.
Jayandra Soni, Ms. Valeri Stoker, Prof. John Taber, Prof Tom T.F.
Tillemans, Prof. Dr. Ernst Steinkellner, Prof. Paul C. Williams

Richard P. Hayes                                <cxev at>
Faculty of Religious Studies              Associate, Dept of Philosophy
McGill University                                      Montreal, Quebec

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