-- what is it and how to read?

Andras Micsik micsik at
Mon Aug 8 08:21:29 UTC 1994

I would like your help in the following: I have downloaded the file from Inside there is one TeX file,  
stating to be Panini's Sutrapatha. I have tried to TeX it, but there  
were strange results. The text contained letters like T,C,K,  
French-like accents, and other unknown characters, e.g. two short  
horizontal parallel lines. I am beginner with Sanskrit, but this text  
seems to be corrupted. So could you tell me:

1. What is Sutrapatha? I know only Astadhyayi from Panini. And why are  
the names different outside and inside?

2. How can I reproduce the text? Do I need some special font or utility  
to replace uppercase characters and other strange effects?

					Andras Micsik

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