Diacritics for Word for Windows.

KERNLIB at rullet.LeidenUniv.nl KERNLIB at rullet.LeidenUniv.nl
Thu Aug 4 15:17:50 UTC 1994


There is a set of really good-looking fonts with all the CSX-standard
diacritics. The site is ftp.bcc.ac.uk and the directory is/pub/users/uc-
gadkw/indology.  Login as "anonymous" and give your email address as a
courtesy password.  At the time I downloaded them, the fonts were
stored in a zip-file called charter.zip. The fonts are adapted from the
Postscript Bitstream Charter font and print very good on inkjets or
other basic printers. The only thing is you have to have Adobe Type
Manager for Windows on your computer. 
     There are possibilites for converting the fonts to True Type or
even Mac, with very little loss of quality. I have made a TrueType
version of the Charter Font, but I don't know about copyrights and all
that. Perhaps Dominik Wujastyk or Peter Friedlander, who created the
fonts, can shed their light on this. 
     If anyone is interested in, or has good tips for adaptation of
existing fonts, f.i. adding diacritics to your favorite TrueType or whate-
ver font, please contact me.

Thomas de Bruijn
KERNLIB at rullet.LeidenUniv.nl


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