Transliteration Macros for WP

Sat Apr 16 16:13:26 UTC 1994

Hi. I have a macro that does what you want, sort of. It is part of the HP
fonts w/ Sanskrit and Japanese diacritics that I put together a few kalpas
ago and posted to some FTP site or another. One macro will churn through a
text that contains MY Wordperfect coding scheme for Sanskrit and replace
them all with their TeX equivalents (this is for Richard Hayes and Dominick
and other TeXies [I wonder if that is a personality type???]). The other
version of the macro goes the other way, i.e., from TeX encoding to MY
idiosyncratic scheme. It takes only a few minutes, however, to use the
Wordperfect macro editor and change either half of the search-and-replace
code, so you could use it as a template. Since I no longer  know where that
FTP site is located, you can get the file from me directly by FTPing to ( This site is USUALLY available, but not
always, so if anybody who knows of such things would like to post the whole
package to a regular FTP site, be my guest. The whole package, WPSKRIT.EXE,
is a self- extracting .zip file that contains all of the fonts, .prs files,
etc. for an HP laser printer and Wordperfect. As noted, the fonts are in my
own idiosyncratic coding scheme, NOT CS/CSX. 

Jamie Hubbard, Smith College 

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