Transliteration Macros for WP

Michael J. Sweet msweet at
Fri Apr 15 17:44:06 UTC 1994

In Message Fri, 15 Apr 1994 15:23:40 BST,
  cejka at (Jakub Cejka) writes:

>> I'd also be interested in the miraculous macro.  But failing that, I've
>> found that standard Sanskrit translit. can be created in WP5.1-5.2 for
>> Windows, and then kept on the button bar for easy access while writing.  Can
>> send further details to anyone who is interested--email me.
>> Michael Sweet
>to what address??
>If it is possible even for WP 51 run whithout windows simply under DOS, I 
>would much appreciate your advice
> Thanks
>Hi- my email address is as above, i.e., msweet at  I think
that the macros can be run on dos WP5.1 also, as they are created by
combining WP special characters and diacritics, which you can do on dos
also, although I couldn't tell you how.  However--I believe that you have
to have Adobe Type Manager (which comes with WP5.2 for Windows) or a True
Type font in order for the transliteration to be printed out.  I could ask
people who still use dos for more advice if you wish.
                                                      MIchael Sweet

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