Transliteration Macros for Wordperfect?

Michael J. Sweet msweet at
Tue Apr 12 01:44:56 UTC 1994

In Message Sat, 9 Apr 1994 21:23:56 BST,
  brzezins at (J.K. Brzezinski) writes:

>I have to submit an article formatted in Wordperfect.
>I have the text in ASCII with numerous citations in transliterated
>Sanskrit according one of those methods recently discussed on this list.
>I have not been able however to successfully master transliteration
>technique on WP51, which I avoid using in general.
>Is anyone out there able to help me?  Perhaps someone has written a
>macro by which the entire transliteration could be carried out in one
>fell miraculous touch of the keyboard...
>Thanking you for your help.
>Jan Brzezinski

I'd also be interested in the miraculous macro.  But failing that, I've
found that standard Sanskrit translit. can be created in WP5.1-5.2 for
Windows, and then kept on the button bar for easy access while writing.  Can
send further details to anyone who is interested--email me.

Michael Sweet

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