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Sat Apr 9 12:14:19 UTC 1994

On Tue, 5 Apr 1994 Frank Harris raised the issue of apparently altered
editions of a couple of books by Jim Corbett ("The Man-eating Leopard of
Rudraprayag," and "Man-Eaters of Kumaon") put out by OUP Delhi. The
alterations appeared not to be idle or arbitrary, but with (Hindu)
nationalist intent.

I've raised the matter with OUP Oxford, as I'm local and have dealings with
them anyway, and they are going to look into it. However, the immediate
suspicion of the editor I spoke to (commissioning editor for linguitics and
humanities computing, and particularly keen to expand OUP's non-European
linguistics publishing for those Indologists having difficulty finding such
a publisher) was that the editions are probably pirated and have nothing to
do with OUP Delhi (apart, of course, from illegally bearing their
imprint!). If I hear more and anyone is interested I'll let you know.

I should add - as I smell lawyers round the corner - that I have no formal
connections (except as an author) with OUP Oxford or Delhi, that I have not
seen the editions Frank refers to, and that the suspicion of piracy is just
a suspicion, based on Frank's account and given informally and on the spot
over lunch.

Marcus Banks, Oxford


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