Sanskrit everywhere!!

Jonathan.Silk at Jonathan.Silk at
Sat Apr 9 02:04:16 UTC 1994

I deeply regret if pclaus at (I am sorry I do not
know the writers name) took offence at my message which was --
and I naively thought this was obvious -- intended as a joke.
I hope that neither I myself nor others, even if we work primarily
with Sanskrit, are seen or perceived or imagined to be associated
with attitudes apparently imputed by the writer, namely that
it is only through Sanskrit and "Sanskritization" that value
and worth is to be found.  I am sure that there are those who do
believe this to be true, but among scholars I am happy to say I have
never yet actually met such. 
While as I understand it INDOLOGY is oriented toward so-called
Classical India, I myself have never imagined this to imply
any sort of prejudice toward or devaluation either of Dravidian
on the one hand or MIA languages not derived from Skt. on
the other. 
So, if I offended the writer and/or others, I apologize, and hope
that he/she understands if not what I intended at least the
spirit in which it was intended.  Enough said? at

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