Sanskrit everywhere!!

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Thu Apr 7 09:12:21 UTC 1994

#From indology-request at Tue Apr  5 17:15 PDT 1994
#Subject: Sanskrit everywhere!!
#What a golden opportunity.  Perhaps we should be very trendy and
#forthwith carry out all communication on INDOLOGY only in 
#Sanskrit.  (this will also solve the problem of encoding
#Middle Indic vowel combinations such as a-u -- they are banned!)
#This will significantly cut down on junk mail (= Sanskrit??), and
#of course an on-line dictionary, presumably English-Sanskrit will
#be necessary immediately (including items like "junk mail,"
#"DOS format," "TrueType," etc.).  On the other hand, the result
#might be that most the the messages on INDOLOGY are from Profs.
#Deshpande and Aklujkar for the forseeable future.
#And just think, if you think Indian Bureaucracy is troublesome
#now, just imagine it all in Sanskrit!
#I'm looking forward to a wild time!
Maybe it's time for a new Indology to serve us.  It is time that Indology
cease to be equated with Sanskrit language study.  Rick Asher is right,
there are speakers of Dravidian languages for whom Sanskrit has only a
negative association, and they are not all Moslem.  And then there are the
Urdu-speakers....  Does this List really see itself as Indologists with
these attitudes?

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