Sanskrit as national language

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Fri Apr 1 21:22:41 UTC 1994

The Bhasaikatva policy
What do other INDOLOGists think of the new policy recently announced
whereby over the next seven years the Indian Government will phase in
Sanskrit as the language of all administrative documentation and
communication?  Apparently the idea is that by the year 2001, senior
government officials will be sufficiently knowledgable in Sanskrit that
English will at last be ousted from the constitution as a national
language of India.  This will expunge once and for all the last
lingering traces of British imperialism, and underline the great
historical roots of India's own culture.  The accompanying massive
program of translation that has been proposed, of European-language
texts on science, technology and economics into Sanskrit, will be a
most interesting new development for all of us.  It may even provide
work for some of our needy grad students!


Unccl Ncevy 1fg!


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