Windows Devanagari (was: Re: false subscription attempts)

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Wed Sep 29 18:04:53 UTC 1993

On Sep 29,  5:22pm, Jitendra Khare wrote:

> Does anybody know of any windows software/or any other which can print
> devanagari fonts? Thanks. Jitendra Khare

There are such fonts, all commercial as far as I know.  There are many
hidden problems in using Devanagari with Windows.  Firstly, is it for
Hindi, Marathi or Sanskrit.  In the latter case the large number of
sandhyaksaras means that you can't get a satisfactory character set
into a 256-position font, or else you will be involved in very
laboriously composing characters out of letter-fragments.  There is
also the question of whether your WP program can read and use the
information in a PostScript AFM file, or its TrueType analogue, and
whether that metric file does indeed contain useful kerning and
ligaturing information.

I don't use Windows, so I can't help more.  I use TeX which is free,
and excellent.  The Devanagari font looks very nice (to me), and there
is a very full set of conjunct characters.  Input is *not* WYSIWYG:
you type a simple romanization, and TeX turns it into Devanagari
at the time of composition, before printing or previewing.



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