Sandalwood Mythology?

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Tue Sep 28 06:40:27 UTC 1993

I am working on a book about the worldwide role of plants in myth and 
ritual.  For India, I'm using the pipal/bo, lotus, and sandalwood.
There is no problem in finding rich data for the pipal and lotus,
but I'm having some trouble with sandalwood mythology.  So far, the 
only clue I have to a possible mythic layer is linguistic: the Sanskrit 
root, -cand-, is found in moon (-canda-) as well as in sandalwood 
(-candana-), and -candra- includes among its many meanings both moon 
and sandalwood.  If anyone on the list could provide me with anything 
further, no matter how minimal, I would be grateful.  (My apologies to 
those who are also on the Buddha-L list, to which I posted a similar 
request last week.)
Thank you,
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