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Thu Oct 28 23:34:26 UTC 1993

>I believe that Prof. Witzel has written extensively on Vedic geography. I
>would be very grateful if somebody could give me some bibliographical
>information about his articles. 

Since there were two requests, and I have seen no response to date, I offer
this partial bibliography of Witzel's work on the regionality of the Vedic
schools. This work has appeared in the form of a series of articles
published in many different places. 

First of all check his review article in the most recent JAOS, where he
lists the bibliography of some of his work on the subject.

The three most important articles for 'geography', which will have
references to the other articles are:
1. "Regionale und ueberregionale Faktoren in der Entwicklung vedischer
Brahmanengruppen in Mittelalter" in Regionale Tradition in Suedasien, ed.
H. Kulke and D. Rothermund, Heidelberg 1986.
2. "On the localisation of Vedic texts and schools" in Fel. Vol. Eggermont,
India and the Ancient World,  ed. G. Pollet, Leuven 1987.
3.  "Tracing the Vedic dialects" in ed. C. Caillat, Dialectes dans les
litteratures Indo-Aryennes, Paris, 1989.

There is also "Notes on Vedic Dialects"  Zinbun: Annals of the Institute
for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University 25 (1990).

The work is still in progress, and the articles will presumably someday be
published together. 

I hope this information is not redundant.

C. Minkowski


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